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Mission and History

Our Museum History.

  1. The Great Beginning

    The MooM Art Collections is founded by a group of artists and patrons prompted by the government's inadequate museum funding. By its first meeting it has 308 members and $700 in funds.

  2. Our Office Gallery Opened.

    An additional new entrance to the gallery was created at the rear of the building, leading down from the new first floor gallery into a newly-opened up section of the Museum Gardens, which has been developed into a public space.

  3. Fundraising and investment

    The project has brought an investment of £8 million into the MooM. We are very grateful to all our funders who have made this project possible and start new period of art vision.

  4. Our new exhibitions

    The gallery now has three exhibition spaces on the ground floor, capable of hosting major national and international exhibitions, and four on the first floor, two of which showcase our internationally significant collections.

  5. A successful fundraising appeal

    Following a successful fundraising appeal, and a pledge of £500,000 from the Art Fund, the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, successfully acquires the Macclesfield Psalter and £180,000 in donations.

  6. Our new awards

    The Art Fund Prize awarded to the the MooM. The Art Fund gives £600,000 to Tate’s campaign to save Rubens’s Banqueting House sketch. The Art Fund gives an exceptional grant of £1 million towards the acquisition of Artist Rooms.

  7. The first major exhibition

    The MooM Art Gallery holds the largest collection of work by Etty and held the first major exhibition of his work for 50 years, showing many of these paintings and sketches alongside loans from other major galleries.

  8. New challenges before the art issues

    Under-30s National Art Pass launched. First Headley Fellows announced. Support of curators continues through AAMC conference travel fellowship and Curatorial Network grants.

Our Mission

The MooM exists to exhibit, interpret, preserve and promote the visual, artistic and cultural heritage of Indigenous Peoples; to educate and engage the public on local, regional and global social issues through the visual arts.present, collect and interpret historic and contemporary art in innovative and challenging ways that encourage the engagement and enjoyment of existing and future audiences.

Our Vision

We envision a gallery accessible to everyone as a vibrant public space in service of our community, to foster greater social engagement, critical thinking and creativity. Inspiring and challenging our community through art.

Our Goals

We are at the forefront of creativity with quality programs and exhibitions. We provide a cultural and educational service of the very highest quality and to act as a focus for civic pride and community identity for the people. The gallery interacts with the community by designing programs that inspire, challenge, educate and entertain.