National Photography Festival
Exhibition on display till 14th May 2023
Navajivan Trust Campus, Ahmedabad

Each piece in the MooM’s collections holds a unique message and style to be considered by the viewer, offering a historical reference to the diversity of art within the present time.This is truly a growing tribute to the talent and creativity we find in.

National Photography Festival 2023 features exhibitions, print portfolios, competitions, talks, film screenings, portfolio reviews and workshops.

The photographers showcased in this edition are fearless in their pursuit of images, traveling to both dangerous and beautiful places. They are more interested in seeing things anew than capturing what is new, using their photographs to provide glimpses into the past, present, and future. Critiquing is a form of education, not simply criticism for its own sake. As is true of all the featured work, the photographer’s eye is essential; without it, we would only be seeing half the picture.

The debut edition of NPF features a collection of exhibitions and print portfolios that immerse us in the gritty reality of modern life. Some works capture the majesty and wonder of the natural world, while others offer glimpses into the joys and sorrows of the human experience, blending moments of pain, humor, and celebration into a rich tapestry of visual storytelling.

The organizer, Navajivan Trust, is an institution established by M.K. Gandhi in 1919 to engage with the masses through his writings. The veins of thoughts that we now recognize as ‘Gandhian’ were and still are propagated by the trust through the publication of periodicals and books. Over the years, Navajivan has become an important center of intellectual and cultural activity in Ahmedabad.

As part of its ongoing endeavor to maintain an active and meaningful discourse with its diverse audience, Navajivan is exploring new and innovative platforms to engage with the evolving youth demographic. The upcoming NPF 2023 is the most recent addition to these efforts.

Organising Team

All photographers, we engage with, get inspired by and incessantly converse everything photography.

Vivek Desai

Documentary Photographer

Navroze Contractor

Documentary Cinematographer

Saurabh Desai

Fine Art Nature Photographer

Anuj Ambalal


Himanshu Panchal


Mitul Kajaria

Photo Artist

Toral Vyas


Shilpa Desai

Photographer & Writer

Keyur Bhatt


Ankit Mavchi

Street Photographer

Organized by

Navajivan Trust, Ahmedabad

Navajivan Trust was founded in 1919 by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The idea behind its inception was to kindle an awakening in the masses through journalism.

The trust has published over 800 titles in the fields of Arts, Humanities, Sociology, Spirituality, Politics, Healthcare and Travelogues.

It also maintains an archive of important Gandhian writings and periodicals like Young India, Harijan and Navajivan.

The institute continues it’s endeavour to be relevant with the changing times by exploring new channels to communicate with the youth.

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